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 Accepting Applications for Next Year



All application forms are available on site. Parents need to set up an appointment to view the school. Once the parents have viewed the school, interested parents will be provided further information.

For more information call

071 013 7998


  • What are your school fees?
    This will be provied on site during visitation.
  • Are you a registered school?
    Yes! We are indeed a registered Preschool. We are registered with the DSD (Department of Social Health and Development) And the Department of Health
  • Up to what ages/grades do you do?
    Grade: 0000 - Grade R Ages: 2 - 6 years
  • What food do you serve/What is the menu?
    This frequently changes so futher informtion will be provided to parents on side durning visitation in regards to the current menu.
  • What curriculum do you use?
    Ages 2 - 4: The ELDA (Early Learning Development Area) Ages 5 - 6: CAPS (Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements)
  • Do you have extra mural activities?
    Put on hold due to SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) protocols due to COVID-19.
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